D&G Eco Warriors came together in 2018 to help clean up Dumfries and Galloway’s beaches and natural resources.

In our first ten months we have welcomed over 750 members to the cause, and run highly successful beach cleans at beaches such as Powfoot and Southerness. With the help of volunteers, we’ve come together to shift tons of plastic and other rubbish – from sharks teeth to golf clubs! – and we’re looking forward to further beach clean days in . Currently in 2020 we have over 1500 supports and still thriving.  

February 2022 and we habe now be going strong for 4 years. We were humbled by receiving another award from D+G life awards for Environmental champions back in November 2021. This year we are being nominated for the Queens Voluntary Award which is the highest Voluntary award you can receive.

We have already collected 60 bags of rubbish which is a good start for 2022. We have big plans in the pipeline so stay peeled for more news…..


Please click on Event tab below to see our latest cleans and events thanks. Feel free to email the Eco warriors team on dgecowarriors@gmail.comĀ 

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